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Testimonial from Michael about Zerona sessions


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“I bought a perfectly fitting wedding dress 3 weeks before starting Zerona treatments at First Coast Wellness.  After my first 6 treatments, I tried on my dress again, and to my amazement, the dress literally fell off of me! I have reduced my waist size 4 belt loops and have never felt better!"
- B.S., Jacksonville, FL

"My experience at First Coast Wellness has exceeded my expectations. I wanted to have Zerona treatments done to get rid of my love handles.  I've been working out for years and could never burn off those pesky areas of my body.  After the 6 painless treatments, I lost a total of 6 inches and couldn't be happier.  I've recommended First Coast Wellness to family and friends and consider my Zerona treatments to be worth every penny!"
- D.B., Jacksonville, FL

"Zerona is an energy-based strategy that can kick start a variety of health-related goals. The treatment is quick, suitable for a lunch hour, and you see results! My clothes are now loose where they used to pinch!"
- H.S., Fernandina Beach, FL

"I am completely thrilled with the results! I have tried diet and exercise alone and had little success.  If you put the effort in and do your part, the Zerona treatment will exponentially improve the outcome!"

-L.C., Jacksonville, FL

"At first I was a bit apprehensive about using a laser to lose weight, but after discussing it with my doctor I decided to give it a try.  After my 6th session I started to notice a difference in my clothing.  My 48 inch waist pants started to feel looser. After my 9th treatment I was amazed at the significant difference with my clothes.  I would definitely recommend this to others as a non-invasive procedure and a great way to get started on a summer beach physique!"

-M.R., Jackonville, FL

"The staff at First Coast Wellness was very courteous and answered all my questions that I had. I felt very relaxed and well take care of.  The facility was nice and clean.  I would recommend coming to First Coast Wellness for your Zerona treatments."

- N.T, Jacksonville, FL

"I just want to thank First Coast Wellness for my experience with their Zerona laser.  I now can fit into my jeans that have been in storage for the past 2 years.  I loved everything about this experience.  The office personnel was so supportive and explained the process every step of the way.  I never thought that I could get rid of this fat without painful procedures.  Thank you First Coast Wellness!"

-A.K, Fernandina Beach, FL

"I lost inches and pounds! It was a simple plan to follow and well worth it!"

-E.T, Jacksonville, FL

"At 61, I've tried to get rid of my "muffin top" and belly fat for years with various diets and exercise.  With the help of Zerona, I was able to lose inches and pounds easily.  No pain or downtime was an added bonus.  Everyone at First Coast Wellness was professional and friendly. I would definitely do this again."

- C.H., Jacksonville, FL

"Courteous staff, pleasant environment, and good results- I would recommend First Coast Wellness to anyone!"

-N.A., Ameila Island, FL

The staff were great and I'm happy that I heard about this procedure.  The treatments are painless as advertised and gave me a jump start to losing weight.  I would highly recommend Zerona treatments to friends."

-L.L., Jacksonville, FL

"At first I was a little skeptical of Zerona treatments, but I followed the plan exactly as stated and lost 11.25 inches- no joke-11.25 inches! I will recommend this to everyone of my friends, it was worth every penny! Loved it!"

-A.B., Jacksonville, FL

"I'm grateful for the experience, the staff at First Coast Wellness was kind and professional. I have recommended this facility to my friends for sure! Thank you for your services."

- A.S., Jacksonville, FL

"Inches were lost in a very short amount of sessions. It felt wonderful as I accompanied the treatments with hypnosis cd's."

-H.H., Jacksonville, FL

"I enjoyed the experience, the staff and inches lost. Thank you so much."

-D.M., Jacksonville, FL

"I enjoyed the experience, I lost 3 inches in a week. I would recommend this to everyone."

-S.G., Jacksonville, FL

"I really enjoyed the people at First Coast Wellness. The Zerona treatments have really helped me to stay on track, motivated me to continue to drink a lot of water, exercise and eat right."

-B.T., Jacskonville, FL

"I found the Zerona machine and it's claim to rid the body of fat cells fascinating. I'll be interested to see the final results after 9 sessions. I will say I can already see a difference in skin elasticity."

-M.M., Jacksonville, FL

"I am halfway through my Zerona treatments and can already see the difference. My legs and thighs look firmer and are smaller. I cant wait to see how I measure up with total inches lost after my final treatment. It's truly amazing."

S.W., Jacksonville, FL

"I lost a total of 7 pounds and 23 inches. The experience was fun and the staff is excellent."

L.C., Jacksonville, FL

"It is a simple and painless experience. The staff was very flexible with my appointment times. Thank you."

K.R., Jacksonville, FL

"I really loved this. I cant wait for my friend to try her sessions. I feel so much better about my shape. Thank you."

-A.R., Jacksonville, FL

"Very satisfying. I chose this as a start to a wellness program. I think the protocol is healthy and not excessive. There is no down time or discomfort. You only need to commit to the procedure."

-P.L., Jacksonville, FL

"Very pleased with results, better than expected."

-E.H., Jacksonville, FL

"The office staff at First Coast Wellness is extremely courteous and professional. The Zerona experience was very relaxing. The lights out and choice of music in the room was soothing and made the time go by quickly. I'm looking forward to continuing to lose inches. You have a gem with Lauren, who has a warm and pleasant personality.

-S.S., Jacksonville, FL

"The experience was nice. Very easy, and the technician Lauren was so nice and informative. I do see improvement on my legs. I am very excitied with my results and cant wait to share my experience with family and friends."

-T.F., Jacksonville, FL

"Overall experience has been great. The staff is very professional and accommodating. I've learned a lot of new things during my visits about ways I can improve my own well being. The whole experience has made me want to learn more and start doing more for myself. I really needed this. Thank you."

-T.T., Jacksonville, FL

"Susan is amazing & extremely knowledgeable & helpful.  My experience at First Coast Wellness was wonderful and I definately saw results! I would reccomend Zerona an LPG to my friends and I will be coming back in the future!"

- S.K., Jacksonville, FL



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